Trending & Hot on GitHub – Launching Episode 1

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Episode 1: QuestDB, NocoDB, ADOP and you-get

In Episode 1, we take a look at:
QuestDB, an ultra-fast time series database;
NocoDB, a web-based smart spreadsheet for teams;
ADOP creating virtual reality from a few images; and
you-get, a tiny command line interface to quickly download video files, audio files and images from the web.

Both QuestDB and NocoDB have a wide range of potential applications relevant to data science, BI and teams sharing dynamic data sources. NocoDB has great potential to offer a superior experience for teams that share data via spreadsheets. With NocoDB, all data is dynamically updated in a central database, ending the unfortunate experience of “spreadsheet hell.” R, R shiny apps, Python, Python Dash apps, Tableau and Power BI projects are some of the applications that can benefit from the addition of NocoDB and QuestDB.

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Table of Contents