Simple, Predictable Pricing
Projects are planned & delivered in two-week sprint intervals

Forecasting for Sales Force
or Retail Growth

$ 9,500 per two-week sprint

Forecasting & Scenarios for Mergers & Acquisitions
New Product Launches

$ 12,500 per two-week sprint
  • Data integration & cleaning
  • 3rd party data reference
  • Statistical modeling
  • Multi-scenario forecasting
  • Executive review presentations
  • Interactive, secured
    web scenarios
    & forecasts

Customer LTV & Segmentation
Ad Spend Optimization​

$ 7,500 per two-week sprint
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Customer lifetime
    value modeling
  • Statistical modeling
  • Interactive, secured

What is a delivery sprint?

A delivery sprint sets the scope to be long enough to deliver a meaningful amount of work but short enough to maintain focus. Upon launching your project, we will sketch out the first sprint with you for planning purposes. At the start of each sprint, we work with you to target the scope. At the end of each sprint, we hold a review meeting, enabling iterative team-based learning and delivery of critical items.

How long are client engagements?

Engagements start with a sprint for planning, source data collection and integration, critical deliverable scoping and more as needed. Engagements often continue for another 6 to 18 weeks depending on scope and budget. Ad-spend projects are usually the shortest, ranging in length from 6-10 weeks; salesforce growth projects at 6-12 weeks and M&A/new product projects come in at 8-16 weeks. Your contractual commitment is only to the current sprint being executed by the team at YakData.

What about long-term monitoring and Optimization?

We offer managed services for long-term optimization, management, support and training over six, twelve and twenty-four-month contracts.

Who works on our sprints?

The principals of YakData perform the majority of your mission-critical project work.

Can we just pay you hourly?

No, we don’t accept hourly work, but we offer custom engagements with a three-day minimum. When we agree to client projects, we are confident that we can get the work done in conjunction with all critical assets being made available to our team on a timely basis.

Do you host our data on your servers?

We exclusively use client servers in the cloud or on-premise. YakData can set up these servers, but they must be hosted on-premise at your organization or under a cloud-provider account contract under your organization's control. So, we will help you set up your infrastructure, but your team will own it directly. We offer long-term monitoring and optimization if you would like us to maintain your cloud or on-premise servers.

Do you have startup rates?

We understand that our consulting fees are a reach for early-stage businesses. If you aren't quite there yet, we are open to an introductory conversation so that you can plan your budget after your next round of investment or phase of growth.

When can we start?

It varies. Depending on our current client plans, we may have a backlog of a few weeks. Other times, we can launch a new project next week. We are able to share a start date in conjunction with contract execution.

Is my project a good fit for your team?

We only accept projects that we are confident will achieve critical ROI goals for you and your team. Our primary objective is to be your trusted confidante as you make critical business investments and decisions. We deliver projects that are capable of being presented to executive teams, boards of directors and key investors. We will bow out of projects when our expertise is not a clear fit for our client's needs.

Can our lawyers mark up your contract?

Our Client Services Agreement makes it easy to launch your project with minimal delay. We sign the same agreement with each of our clients.

Can I hire you for Custom Projects?

Custom engagements include strategic advisory work, prototypes, other ad-hoc engagements, training and mentoring. Typically structured as specified days alongside or after a standard project, we offer custom engagements at $1,950 per day, with a three-day minimum. On-site engagements are offered at $2,400 per day plus travel billed at cost, with a three-day minimum. The YakData team also offers custom data analytics software development, stand-alone or in synch with existing client systems.

Why two-week Agile sprints?

We have been executing analytics, BI, data warehouse and forecasting projects for decades. We have observed failures for a variety of reasons. Agile two-week sprints are a simple, efficient way to maximize project success and minimize client effort. The agile framework is well-suited to execute / review / learn cycles that are a natural outcome of successful analytics projects.

What tools do you use?

We are experts at several analytics tools and data science languages. We are open to using using specific tools based on your team preferences, but we do require a high-performance data infrastructure to deliver an interactive web-based system for your team.

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