R Shiny Apps in 100 Seconds

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R Shiny Apps in 100 seconds

Want decision-makers to benefit from your R programs? Use the R shiny package to turn them into data-driven, interactive web apps – R shiny apps. Learn the basics of why R shiny is crucial in sharing analyses with your colleagues to empower them in running the business. See an R forecast program morph into a published R shiny app. All in 100 seconds!

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R shiny app dashboards in 2021 – The Ultimate Guide for Busy People:

YakData SmartManager for ShinyProxy on AWS Marketplace (free 10-day trial):

R shiny package on CRAN:

✅ Topics Covered

+ What is R shiny?
+ The value of R shiny
+ Ways to publish R shiny apps
+ Case example, building an R forecast program
+ Morphing a traditional R program into an R shiny app
+ YakData SmartManager for ShinyProxy – check it out on AWS Marketplace with a free 10-day trial

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Table of Contents