About YakData

Bringing Data to Life

At YakData, we are driven to help your data teams transform data into smarter opportunities. We do this by applying our decades of experience in all things data to create better products. We have led, worked with, taught and most importantly learned from tens of thousands of talented people in many industries around the world. Our team is dedicated to helping you optimize and share your analyses to gain the most value from your data.




Our leadership

Stephen McDaniel

Simply stated, Stephen is obsessed with data! At the age of 12, he was analyzing data on his Commodore 64 for a local business. His entire career has been spent in data science, data warehousing, business intelligence, biostatistics and marketing analytics.

Stephen knows firsthand the real challenges facing data teams everywhere. Under his leadership, YakData products are designed to make analyzing, presenting and sharing data with decision-makers easy.


Eileen McDaniel, PhD

Inspired by her years of experience as a scientific researcher and educator, Eileen has a passion for helping people interpret complex information for all types of audiences. Her experience includes winning competitive federal  research grants and receiving a Congressional award for scientific excellence.

Both as a scientist and an entrepreneur, Eileen has planned, organized and implemented complex analytical projects. She now runs the operations of YakData behind the scenes, which includes keeping the development team on the right path!

Organizations we have worked with​