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ggplot2 graph in RStudio Desktop
YakData SmartDesktop with RStudio Desktop

There are many benefits to using RStudio Desktop from the YakData SmartDesktop repository. Speed, portability, a complete reproducible R environment, built on the Rocker project and all under your control with Docker!

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Ready to try it? Get it on GitHub at

The Best Way to Download & Install RStudio Desktop on Mac or Windows in 2022:

YakData SmartManager for ShinyProxy on AWS Marketplace (free 10-day trial):

R shiny app dashboards in 2021 – The Ultimate Guide for Busy People:

R shiny package on CRAN:

✅ Topics Covered

1) Complete install with over 200 of the most popular data science packages from the tidyverse, verse and geospatial tools.

2) A COMPLETELY portable environment. Zip the parent directory and all subdirectories with your projects, R programs, R libraries and config settings.

3) Share your environment faithfully across computers or with third parties and obtain identical results. This entire approach is based on Docker, so you have complete control of your R environment.

4) Easily upgrade without leaving clutter behind on your computer.

5) Easily run multiple versions of R, RStudio and R packages on one computer.

6) Already preconfigured to install R packages from the RStudio Package Manager on a fixed date.

7) Rapid installation of most packages as this image is based on Ubuntu.

👨🏼‍💻 About RStudio

RStudio is the leading development environment for R programming, R Shiny apps and RMaarkdown documents. Features include:

+ Highly customizable with powerful tools for R including a console, source editor, plot viewer, workspace management, integrated help, command history and more.

+ Execute code incrementally by line, by selected text or as a complete program.

+ Syntax highlighting editor with drop-down code completion.

+ Smooth integration of R Shiny app development including a local Shiny server and the ability to debug your app in a local browser.

+ RStudio Desktop in this project runs as a desktop server, ensuring reproducibility and portability.

🐳 Docker Desktop

Once you work with Docker Desktop, you will wonder why you wasted all those hours struggling with R installation directly on your computer!

+ Containerize and share any application locally and on your favorite cloud platform, in multiple languages and frameworks.

+ It is easy to install, setup and use a complete Docker development environment.

+ If you use a Windows computer, gain the ability to toggle between Linux and Windows Server environments ON YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER!

+ Volume mounting for code and data, including file change notifications and easy access to running containers on the localhost network.

🥇 The tidyverse

The tidyverse includes many leading R packages for data science, forecasting, analytics and data management. The developers state, “The tidyverse is an opinionated collection of R packages designed for data science. All packages share an underlying design philosophy, grammar, and data structures.”

A subset of the included packages: ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, readr, purrr, tibble, stringr, forcats and many other packages with more specialized usage. They are not loaded automatically with library(tidyverse), so you’ll need to load each one with its own call to library().

🧰 Install and setup

Head over to to get up and running with YakData SmartDesktop for RStudio.

If you benefit from this project, please click the ⭐ button on this GitHub repository and let your colleagues know about it.

⭐ Inspiration

+ RStudio Open Source Server IDE is a free, open-source IDE for R, Shiny apps and RMarkdown content.

+ The RStudio Open Source Server IDE is backed by years of development, feedback and releases.

+ Make it easy to create a reproducible, self-contained R development environment on any system.

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