Inspiration from the Tableau Customer Conference 2011

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Hi Tableau fans. Here is a blast from the past!

🕶️ Watch it now

A blast from the Tableau past! World Conference 2011 opening viz set to music

From the early days of Tableau Public

My stock market returns dashboard from the earliest days of Tableau Public was used at the opening of the Tableau Customer Conference in 2011. Tableau CEO Christian Chabot picked the data viz and the music, I believe. This was back when YakData, LLC was Freakalytics, LLC.

It is still on Tableau Public!

Here is the original dashboard. Fully interactive and downloadable. One of my favorite works among hundreds of dashboards I built in Tableau over the years.


Co-founder Chris Stolte and Ellie Fields also gave valuable feedback on the design and colors selected for this dashboard. Built back when Tableau was in the old building and still a small company, about 70 people.

Those first few Tableau Conferences were magical! The growth was phenomenal and we appreciate having been part of it.

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