Custom Software Development
Projects are planned & delivered in two-week sprint intervals

Custom Software Development

$ 25,000 per two-week sprint
$20,000 for sprints 5 and beyond
  • Custom data analytics software development, stand-alone or in synch with existing client systems
  • Past projects built with Go, PHP, HTML 5, Vue.js and R
  • Data storage systems in past projects include MariaDB, PostgreSQL, RedShift, Snowflake and Redis
  • Data visualization built with echarts, D3, Vega
    and other JS libraries
  • Statistical modeling, data mining and AI workflows
  • Multi-scenario forecasting
  • Sleek UI built with Vue.js

What is a delivery sprint?

A delivery sprint sets the scope to be long enough to deliver a meaningful amount of work but short enough to maintain focus. Upon launching your project, we will sketch out the first sprint with you for planning purposes. At the start of each sprint, we work with you to target the scope. At the end of each sprint, we hold a review meeting, enabling iterative team-based learning and delivery of critical items.

Who works on our sprints?

The principals of YakData perform the majority of your mission-critical project work.

Can we just pay you hourly?

No, we don’t accept hourly work, but we offer custom engagements with a three-day minimum. When we agree to client projects, we are confident that we can get the work done in conjunction with all critical assets being made available to our team on a timely basis.

When can we start?

It varies. Depending on our current client plans, we may have a backlog of a few weeks. Other times, we can launch a new project next week. We are able to share a start date in conjunction with contract execution.

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