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Stephen McDaniel

Orlando, FL
Principal Data Scientist at YakData


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Data Science & Statistics (24 years)
5+ years: R, SAS, Forecasting, Data Mining, LTV, Customer Segmentation, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Survival Analysis, Linear Regression, Biostatistics, Clinical Trial Design, Experimental Design, and SAS EG
2-5 years: Python, SAS Enterprise Miner, Customer Lifecycle Analysis, Text Mining, Mixed Models, JMP
< 2 years: Clustering, Principal Component Analysis
            At: Netflix, SAS ($100M+ product), Navy Cyber Defense ($10M+ total overhaul), Faculty at INFORMS, Faculty at American Marketing Association, Oracle, Yahoo ($2B+ ad-spend on our systems), Chiltern, Lecturing at UW- Seattle, Duke Medical School, Brio (next-gen web client, $35M/year team), Tableau (integrate R and envision/design automated forecasting), and numerous consulting clients (e.g.- $1B+ product-line acquisition forecasting for pharma company.)

Data Warehousing (17 years)

3+ years: Informatica, Redshift, Teradata, built with hand-crafted SQL/shell, SAS, PostgreSQL, Oracle
1-3 years: MySQL
  < 1 year: dbt
            At: Netflix ($20M+/year uplift in recurring revenue), US Navy Cyber Defense ($10M+ total overhaul), Glaxo (two $1B+ drugs), Takeda (1st in world clinical data warehouse), TDWI, Yahoo ($2B+ ad-spend on our systems), Brio (next-gen web client, $35M/year team), Loudcloud (selected all BI/DW/analytics tech, built 6-person team from scratch), and numerous consulting clients

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization (22 years)

 3+ years: Tableau Desktop & Server, Power BI, Spotfire, Brio, and SAS Enterprise Guide
1-3 years: Oracle, Business Objects, Qlik, and Apache Superset
  < 1 year: Apache Superset
    Expert: dashboard design, data visualization principles, data science models, agile BI, and embedded BI

Development (14 years)
I have led
large engineering teams, collaborated extensively with UI/UX, built teams from the ground-up, provided product management leadership, developed product roadmaps, led multiple cycles of product feature iterative development, following a hybrid agile methodology (before I heard of agile as a method), pushing my developers to work closely with paired testers early in the dev cycle, encouraging testers and doc teams to come to all our planning meetings, and using SharePoint and FogBugz for project management.
I have developed in Go, R, Python, shell scripts, SAS, Oracle, AWS, Docker, R Shiny, Laravel, PHP, Fortran, Pascal, nginx, HA Proxy, Apache, D3, Vega JS charts, Data Tables JS, Python Flask, WordPress, jQuery, JavaScript, Vue JS, Redis, MySQL, GitHub, and Visual Studio.
I have led dev teams at SAS (40+ person team, grew revenue from $30M to $100M+), Brio (15 person team, next-gen web client, $35M/year revenues), Loudcloud (1-4 devs), Oracle (small dev teams), US Navy Cyber (2-4 devs), Netflix (2-5 devs), Yahoo ($2B+ ad-spend on our systems) and hands-on custom development for several consulting clients.

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I have helped over 30,000 people learn practical Data Science, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, and data presentation skills through hands-on courses, workshops, and talks. I have been Faculty at The American Marketing Association, TDWI, INFORMS and co-developed the first Tableau in-person training.

Co-author of multiple books and courses on data science and data visualization with R, Tableau, Spotfire, SAS, Excel, D3, marketing segmentation, and customer lifetime valuation. In 2013, the Tableau blog stated I had co-authored one of the “8 great books about data visualization.” In his only talk at the 2012 Tableau Customer Conference, Tableau co-founder Pat Hanrahan discussed our book, The Accidental Analyst, as a foundation of his presentation. He said our book changed how “he thought about analytics and inspired him to change his approach to teaching courses at Stanford.”

Constantly pushing the boundaries of data, I have worked across many roles in name and practice- Data Scientist, R expert, Statistician, Data Warehouse Architect, SAS programming expert (2nd highest score in the world on SAS certification exam), Senior Product Manager, Director of Product Management, Go developer, Ubuntu systems admin, Docker fan, AWS hacker, secret Excel guru, WordPress hacker, Redshift enthusiast, and PostgreSQL developer.

I have built and managed several data warehouse, analytics, and business intelligence teams through the years. I have led software teams responsible for over $100M in revenue after achieving multiple years of 40-80% annual revenue growth. Worked closely with the CTO as part of the small team that brought data management to Tableau Desktop. Led a small team that brought the forecasting capabilities to Tableau Desktop.

Bala Ganesh at Opsware/HP stated, “Stephen built a successful business intelligence team and data warehouse in world record time!” and “He was a great team player capable of wowing even the most demanding of internal and external customers!”

I started analyzing data at age 12 for a local photo studio. Technology and programming languages have come a long way. Still, I have always been passionate about helping people learn and effectively use data as a business tool, decades before it was “cool.”

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Diego Saenz on LinkedIn

AI Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director at Deloitte
Former CIO at Pepsi Latin America and Managing Director at Accenture

Stephen is a true Data and Analytics subject matter expert. I first met Stephen when I attended a Tableau course he co-developed and taught. The course was excellent. Stephen effortlessly taught, inspired, and took questions throughout the complete four-day course. It was a great experience.

After the course, I also met with him and his co-author to discuss the future of data and data science. I reviewed his upcoming book, The Accidental Analyst, an excellent book.

I would welcome the chance to work with Stephen and highly recommend him as an expert in the analytics space.

John Lodmell on LinkedIn

Senior Director, Business Intelligence and Data at Nordstrom Credit Services

Former Senior Vice President – Business Intelligence and Analytics at Emergent Business Group logo

Stephen worked with my data teams, the CFO, and other key business stakeholders at our financial services firm. Over several engagements, he helped increased our team productivity with custom data visualization training.

On other projects, he assisted our data warehouse team to enhance our ROI and work more closely with other strategic IT projects for the front-line of our business.

Finally, we worked with him to win over the executive team designing a compelling executive dashboard for daily updates. It was so compelling that the executive team asked for it to be on a flat screen TV for the executive floor as they exited the elevator.

Stephen is a master at understanding the business, identifying what key actionable insights are critical, and then building the analytical and technical systems to support that. Many analytical/data/technical people work from the technology available and build off of what exists, where Stephen looks at what the business needs and works back to the technology. This insight is invaluable for improving ROI and driving quick wins from the analytical investment.

I heartily recommend him for any data science or data warehouse role that you may consider him for at your organization.

Brian Casto on LinkedIn

Sales & Marketing at InvestiQuant, Inc

Former Wide Sales Development Manager at AMD and Sales Director of Premier Accounts at SAS

Stephen was a delight to work with on projects and opportunities. Stephen has lots of experience and
combines it all in well-articulated input. He is not bound by tradition, instead exploring all ideas and options to reach a goal. I always welcomed his input and ideas. I would enjoy an opportunity to work with him again.

I-Kong Fu on LinkedIn

Senior Analytics Consultant / Senior Product Owner at Blue Cross NC
Former Senior Product Manager at SolarWinds and Senior Product Manager at SAS

Stephen is an extremely innovative and creative technologist and an expert at condensing vast uncertainty into new insight. His expertise at applying SAS for business applications at many of our customers is truly impressive. I have seen him help many customers that we visited together to make much better use of SAS software. Stephen was also an excellent mentor as I took over his role in Product Management when he moved to his Senior R&D Management role. He is able to draw out innovative and creative ideas from his reports and co-workers to solve customer and market problems. I have learned a great deal about product management from seeing his approach in action for several years. I highly recommend his work and would be happy to work with him again in the future.

Huifang Wang on LinkedIn

Senior Manager of User Experience Design at SAS

I’ve worked with Stephen for 5 years at SAS, first when he was a product manager over BI products, then when he was the R&D manager over several popular SAS BI products. As a usability person for these products, Stephen is a dream to work with. He is innovative, very supportive of all the efforts to improve the usability of the products under him, and extremely knowledgeable in several technical domains. It’s been a great pleasure working with Stephen at SAS. I’d definitely look forward to working with him again if the opportunity arrives in the future.

David Vangeison on LinkedIn

President at The Nikolas Foundation

Former Senior Business Development Executive at Dassault Systèmes, Director – Federal, Aerospace and Defense at Sopheon Corporation, VP of Sales at Cogito, Inc and National Account Manager at SAS

“I worked shoulder to shoulder with Stephen in several large accounts while at SAS, and he is one of the few people that I never feared taking to a customer. His professionalism, style, and intelligence are unmatched.”

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Principal Data Scientist
Jul 2017 – Present

Forecasting and scenario modeling for $1B+ product line acquisition by a global top 20 pharma company. Complex scenario modeling, forecasting, and data enrichment behind the scenes. Complete slide decks and advanced dashboards iteratively developed. Built with R, SQL Server, and Spotfire.

Customer lifetime valuation program, data acquisition, quality checks, models developed and built with R and Redshift, dashboards deployed on R ShinyProxy Server.

Cyber awareness data warehouse architecture, development, data reconciliation, and awareness dashboard development with the first major iteration. It was built with Teradata, SAS, R, Tableau, and Informatica.

Market share awareness dashboard for a large pharma association. Data lake developed with R and Redshift, data cleansing with R, forecasting with R, and dashboards deployed on R ShinyProxy Server.

I developed a state-level student performance dashboard system with Tableau and back-end acquisition and data cleansing with R and PostgreSQL.

Data science toolkit includes data wrangling in R, data wrangling in SQL, R expert programmer, linear regression, mixed models, decision trees, neural networks, logistic regression, k-means clustering, random forest, complex forecasting scenarios, text mining, R shiny apps & dashboards, SQL Server, Redshift, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, data wrangling in SAS, Informatica, Go language, exploratory analysis with R, exploratory analysis & dashboards with Tableau and Spotfire, D3, Vega JS charts, Data Tables JS, JMP, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, automated trading models, Laravel and Python Flask.

Technical Advisory Board Member
YMCA of Central Florida
Jun 2017 – Jun 2021

Advise the Executive team of this $50M/year non-profit serving the greater Orlando area. Offer strategy and best practices for data warehousing, analytics, AI, and a diverse range of technology needs.

Lead Data Scientist
Oct 2008 – Jul 2017 (8 yrs 10 mos)

As an expert consultant, I developed a guided, automated forecasting system to examine thousands of SKUs for a potential acquisition by a pharmaceutical company. This information was shared with the Board of Directors as drug acquisition negotiations commenced. This system enabled complex scenario simulations and predicted revenues by country for the next five years.

Faculty at The Data Warehouse Institute, INFORMS (Operations Research, AI and Analytics society), and the American Marketing Association. Co-developed and taught courses on Marketing Analytics with Tableau, Excel, and Access; Visual Analytics with SAP Lumira, Spotfire and Tableau and Data Visualization with R, Vega, and open source technologies.

Co-author of multiple books, including “SAS for Dummies,” “Rapid Graphs with Tableau,” and “The Accidental Analyst.”

Optimizing systems performance for data consumers.

Systems design, architecture, UI, workflow, and development lead.

Multiple strategic consulting projects, including data mining, forecasting, dashboard design, product planning, strategic product acquisition forecasting, and projections modeling.

Co-author of a successful four-day Tableau training course on business analytics and a two-day AMA course on Customer Analytics, Segmentation, Valuation, and Dashboards.

Featured dashboard instructor at the Tableau 2010, 2011, and 2012 World Conferences and Tableau European Customer Conference 2011 and 2012.

Co-founder of Freakalytics, the founding Tableau Software Education partner- training people in over 36 cities worldwide and helping drive multi-year solid growth as a trusted partner.

YakData, LLC was previously Freakalytics, LLC (2008-2016.)

Data Storyteller at Strata for Launch
ClearStory Data
Jun 2013 – Oct 2013 (Contract)

Recruited by the CEO and Marketing VP to write a launch white paper and lead a keynote with VP of Tech and VP of Marketing at Strata.

From the press release, “On October 29, ClearStory Data Founder, Vaibhav Nivargi, VP Technology and Products, Brian Zotter, and VP Marketing, Stephanie McReynolds, will introduce the ClearStory Data solution alongside co-presenter, Stephen McDaniel, Author of The Accidental Analyst. The presentation will unveil ClearStory and demonstrate a new integrated Application and Platform that enables businesses to speed access and analysis across disparate data sources — both internal and external, and allows more people to interact and consume insights across the organization. McDaniel will also share his perspective on the next era of data analysis based on his 25 years of data science experience.”

Director of Analytic Product Management
Tableau2012 – 2013

Developed next-generation strategic road-map for co-founder/CDO of Tableau.

Redesigned and updated all Tableau examples that ship with the product. Some of these workbooks appear on my Tableau Public profile.

Most of the projects I championed or contributed to in this roadmap have been implemented in Tableau. The Research team used our book, The Accidental Analyst, as part of their team readings/study.

Worked closely with research and UX teams on future features from ideation, selection, and implementation decisions.

Created/revamped all analytic samples included in Tableau 8 in collaboration with the CDO and CEO.

Learning of my decision to return to my company, CDO/Co-Founder thanked me in an email, “We have benefited greatly from your input, guidance, and effort in the last year, and I appreciate the work you did to help define the product vision. I learned a lot from (and enjoyed) our discussions and brainstorms.”

In his only talk at the 2012 Tableau World Conference, Chief Scientific Officer Pat Hanrahan discussed our book, The Accidental Analyst, as a foundation of his presentation. He said our book changed how he thought about analytics and inspired him to change his approach to teaching courses at Stanford. At a dinner, Pat said that “our early partnership with Tableau, writing the first book and building an independent training program, was the most significant external event to help Tableau gain legitimacy at larger companies.”

American Marketing
2010 – 2012

Authored and taught a two-day course at multiple locations, “Customer Behavior Insights through Marketing Dashboards.”

The course is interactive and hands-on, using the case study approach. It will show you a simple yet solid path to obtain hidden value from your data, including the ability to combine key datasets, efficiently analyze data using simple tables and graphs, and develop compelling yet straightforward dashboards that address tactical business needs and communicate ongoing results. Most importantly, all of this work can be updated with new data and changing conditions to manage ongoing needs in your marketing program.

Lead Data Warehouse Architect (Contract- Top Secret Clearance)
Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command
2010 – 2012 

I led efforts to improve data infrastructure for large-scale data warehousing, advanced threat detection, and systems to react to real-time threats to Navy assets worldwide.

Helped review and select other technologies to improve system performance and time to develop new analytic initiatives. Designed and led initial Teradata, Informatica, and Tableau projects to supplement and build upon SAS, Oracle, and Business Objects infrastructure. Massive-scale improvements in speed (10-100x) and data volume capabilities.

With several colleagues at NCDOC, I significantly expanded access to their multi-million dollar server infrastructure, introduced and guided the acquisition of a multi-million dollar Teradata investment, and introduced them to Tableau.

Two one-year contracts.

Senior Manager- Marketing Analytics and Data Science
2007 – 2008

As requested by the CMO, I architected and implemented a framework for estimating lifetime value at the customer level. This effort included pioneering an advanced, integrated view of every customer using a wide array of metrics and key indicators. A second part included segmentation and leveraging this information to refine channel acquisition and customer management strategies. This allowed Netflix to justify investing more in marketing to and acquiring customers with a much higher lifetime value.

I provided quantitative leadership across the entire organization by introducing and refining new analytic techniques that drove the business forward, often solving multi-million dollar problems that had stymied other efforts in days or weeks.

Among some of the ad-hoc projects I solved, traced the origins of repeated DVD failures to one studio, which allowed them to negotiate $7M in contract concessions. I also championed detailed modeling of prepaid credit card customers, determining they should be allowed as payment, but only beyond the first month, resulting in savings of $1-2M. I also introduced a data science and BI lunch and learned each week to broaden the adoption of the data warehouse directly with a line of business analysts and offer tutorials on SAS and Tableau.

Analytics Product Manager – Yahoo Ads
2006 – 2007

Part of an extended team seeking to improve Ad Sales visibility into client metrics at scale. Helped develop a vision to augment internal systems with external best-of-breed analytics and data warehouse tools, despite an ingrained culture of “not invented here.” This enabled executives in Southern California to justify extensive proof of concept projects to democratize access to data with user-friendly tools for the sales teams. Total investment recommendation by myself to her, approximately $12M.

Bridged the gap between search engineering teams and ad sales teams to help them reach a mutual understanding of why some systems should remain internally developed and others externally purchased. This may sound simple, but it was against the build-everything culture.

Senior Manager of R&D, Business Intelligence
Jul 2001 – Sep 2006

I led a team of 40 in developing and testing the next-generation analytic business intelligence products at SAS. Our products generated approximately $100M/year in my last year working with this wonderful, talented group of people.

My team was responsible for SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office. Revenue growth of products developed by my team far outpaced many traditional SAS and competitor products – growing at 40-80% per year. We adopted an agile approach to planning projects, designing features, building, and testing.

In particular, I aggressively rolled out necessary document requirements in SharePoint for each significant feature set available to the UI team member, the dev team members, the test team members, and the doc team member to proactively collaborate from inception to completion, building a greater sense of team ownership and accomplishment.

My first year at SAS was working in Premier Account Sales as a Senior Technical Architect.

Manager of Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
Opsware2000 – 2001

From the ground up, I led and hired the team that built the first data warehouse, business intelligence infrastructure, and advanced web analytics environment.

In a written review, Bala Ganesh, my manager, stated, “Stephen built a successful business intelligence team and data warehouse in world record time!” and “He was a great team player capable of wowing even the most demanding of internal and external customers!”

Senior Product Manager- Business Intelligence
1998 – 2000

I worked closely with the founder (Katherine Glassey) and head of product (John Rotherham) to help define, create and manage the vision and feature-set around Brio’s planned next generation of zero-client, web-based BI products. I also managed the feature set and large sale presentations for the core server products responsible for approximately 45% of company revenue ($45M)- Brio Broadcast and Brio On-Demand Server. Brio was acquired by Hyperion, which Oracle acquired.

Lead Architect- Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
Takeda Abbott Pharmaceuticals
1996 – 1998

TAP was a joint subsidiary of Takeda & Abbott. It is now Takeda US.

As an independent consultant, I championed and led the development of the first widely-used clinical trials data warehouse and business intelligence environment. This resulted in a radical change in the availability of critical data across all areas of drug development, finance, and marketing.

Principal Biostatistician
1995 – 1996

Lead statistician for AIDS trials with multiple client companies- design, analysis, and presentation of trial results. Designed and developed data management systems from scratch using SAS and Oracle.

Was PharmaResearch Corporation, now Chiltern International.

Senior Biostatistician & Lead Statistical Programmer
1993 – 1995

Analysis and statistical programming for multiple research areas including Congestive Heart Failure, AIDS, and Alzheimer’s Automation of reporting systems with SAS- significantly reducing time to disseminate analytic insights and drug submission.

Senior Statistical Programmer
1991 – 1993

Analysis and statistical programming for multiple research areas, including CHF, AIDS, and Alzheimers. Automation of reporting systems with SAS. Worked with the early SAS Ph Clinical team on their automated reporting solution.

Six Sigma Consultant
1990 – 1991

Manufacturing QC- data capture, systems, and analysis. Helped introduce six sigma to the manufacturing line workers and convince them of the importance of consistently using the methodology to maximize purity and hit their bonus targets.

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Auburn University
BA, Economics, Math & History
1985 – 1989

Early admission to Auburn direct from 11th grade.
Honors program
Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Concert Band
Writer and editorialist at The Plainsman

North Carolina State University
Doctoral Studies, Statistics
1991 – 1995

Worked full-time in biostatistics while completing all course requirements and beyond for a Ph.D.
Forecasting, Biostats, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control, Non-parametric Statistics, Operations Research
Taught sections of Engineering Statistics

The University of Georgia
Doctoral Studies, Econometrics & Accounting
1990 – 1991

Coopers and Lybrand Fellowship
Research assistantship
Building econometric models in SAS and FORTRAN with Linda Bamber.
Research on stock trading volume reactions to annual earnings announcements.

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Books and White Papers

Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software 5, 6, 7 and 8

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD on CreateSpace / Amazon

Intro and excerpt here

The first book on Tableau that Tableau endorsed.

We have sold tens of thousands of copies – to Tableau, at Tableau conferences, and on Amazon.

A great work — this will be a much-loved book.”
Marc Rueter- Director of Sales Consulting, Tableau Software

A must-read for anyone interested in Tableau. Clear explanations, practical advice, and beautiful examples…
Elissa Fink – Vice President of Marketing, Tableau Software

R shiny app dashboards in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD on the YakData Blog

The Accidental Analyst

Eileen McDaniel, PhD and Stephen McDaniel on CreateSpace / Amazon

TDWI called it “… the executive manual, like an Executive MBA” for knowledge workers

Best-selling author, Stephen Few, said, “This is a wonderful book, filled with practical advice…”

The Tableau blog declared it one of the “8 great books about data visualization.”

The former CIO at Pepsi, Latin America, called it an “amazing resource for regular business people who want to make sense of their data.

In his only talk at the 2012 Tableau Customer Conference, Tableau co-founder Pat Hanrahan discussed our book, The Accidental Analyst, as a foundation of his presentation. He said our book changed how “he thought about analytics and inspired him to change his approach to teaching courses at Stanford.” Pat is an Academy Award winner for his work at Pixar and a Canon USA Professor at Stanford.

Rapid Dashboard Reference Card

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD on Amazon

A favorite with Tableau fans, Tableau R&D, the Tableau UI/UX team, and with sales teams at Tableau.

The Rapid Dashboard Reference Card gives you 64 great ideas to improve the quality of your communication with graphs and bring clarity to your dashboards! The Rapid Dashboards Reference Card is designed to aid dashboard developers, and consumers select optimal visual elements for their dashboards. Each tip vividly illustrates good usage practices and offers brief descriptions of when and how to utilize each dashboard element best. Save time, expand your horizons and simply enjoy reviewing the card for brainstorming sessions!

Marketing Dashboard Nirvana

White paper in collaboration with Tableau Software

Stephen McDaniel

Visualizing Marketing Data

White paper in collaboration with Tableau Software

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD

The Third Epoch in Data Analysis

White paper in collaboration with ClearStory Data

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD

SAS for Dummies

Two Editions

Stephen McDaniel and Chris Hemedinger on Wiley Publishing

Helping tens of thousands learn the value of SAS for business analytics, advanced analytics, and data management.

Written by an author team who is directly involved with SAS, this easy-to-follow guide is fully updated for the latest release of SAS and covers just what you need to put this popular software to work in your business. SAS allows any business or enterprise to improve data delivery, analysis, reporting, movement across a company, data mining, forecasting, statistical analysis, etc.

Mobile piscivores and the nature of top-down forcing in Upper Amazonian floodplain lakes

Hydrobiologia – The International Journal of Aquatic Sciences

I worked with one of the founders of modern ecology, a retired professor at Princeton and Duke, and MacArthur Genius Award winner to work beyond vexing statistical issues in one of his key research projects.

I built statistical analysis in R, including mixed-effects modeling, data exploration, and data visualizations.

This paper “raises whether giant otters are a keystone species in upper Amazonian floodplain lakes…”

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Courses I have co-authored and taught

Co-authored and taught the original Tableau training program

Three major releases and five unique courses (6 days of in-person, hands-on training)

I have taught in over 10 countries, traveling nearly 500,000 miles!

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD

The CMO at Tableau wrote on the Tableau blog, “Customer feedback has been resoundingly positive!

  • I came here as a Tableau beginner, and I am already close to replacing our old financial reporting system with Tableau.
  • I’ve been using Tableau for almost 2 years, and this class made me realize there’s so much more I can do with it.”

Trusted Gold Partner certifying Tableau Professionals in the initial year of the program.

Taught courses written by the YakData team at multiple Tableau worldwide and European conferences. Taught customized versions of our courses, tailored to client data, at over 40 companies. A few from the Tableau website: Certification Partner, 2010 Conference, and 2011 Conference.

Data Visualization with R

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD

One-day course developed by YakData and taught at multiple TDWI World conferences.

In this workshop, learn how to use R and RStudio to create high-quality data visualizations for your use or to communicate key insights to colleagues and clients.

  • Learn cutting-edge R packages that enable the creation of customizable data visualizations for yourself or to share
  • How to build essential chart types based on a case study approach
  • How to create compelling data visualizations and explore possibilities to make them dynamic and interactive

Customer Behavior Insights through Marketing Dashboards

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD

Two-day course developed by YakData and taught at multiple American Marketing Association events

This course is interactive and hands-on, using the case study approach. It will show you a simple yet solid

path to obtain hidden value from your data, including the ability to combine key datasets, efficiently analyze data using simple tables and graphs, and develop compelling yet straightforward dashboards that address tactical business needs and communicate ongoing results. Most importantly, all of this work can be updated with new data and changing conditions to manage ongoing needs in your marketing program.

Data Exploration & Visualization

Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel, PhD

A two-day course: Create Effective Data Stories that Anyone Can Understand

This Hands-On Course focuses on 4 of the 7 C’s of Data Analysis: Check Out, Clean Up, Chart, and Customize Your Data

Key Takeaways: 

  • The practical skills for “Hands-On” analysis
  • Greater confidence to explore new data using variable approaches
  • A better understanding of how to deploy interactive visualizations
  • First-hand experience on the use of state-of-the-art visualization software
  • A more creative perspective on data and insights

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