Open Source Alternative to Trello – Trending & Hot on GitHub

Focalboard by Mattermost Focalboard by Mattermost is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana. Define, organize, track and manage work for individuals and teams. Available as a stand-alone app for Windows, Mac and Linux. Or deploy as a self-hosted web server or cloud server. Watch Stay Tuned […]

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Trending & Hot on GitHub – Go+, Cube.js & Flutter – Episode 2

Episode 2: Go+, Cube.js and Flutter In Episode 2, we take a look at: 00:19 Go+ – data science in Go as a new competitor to Python, at; 02:11 Cube.js – an open-source analytical API platform, at; 04:42 Flutter – beautiful, fast UI for mobile, web & desktop […]

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Trending & Hot on GitHub – Launching Episode 1

Episode 1: QuestDB, NocoDB, ADOP and you-get In Episode 1, we take a look at: QuestDB, an ultra-fast time series database; NocoDB, a web-based smart spreadsheet for teams; ADOP creating virtual reality from a few images; and you-get, a tiny command line interface to quickly download video files, audio files […]

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