RStudio Desktop

Best Way to Upgrade to R 4.1.3 with RStudio Desktop Mac/Windows/Linux in 2022

RStudio Desktop with R 4.1.3 - YakData SmartDesktop with RStudio Server Open Source

You know that R 4.1.3 is out but don’t want to disrupt your current setup? Want to have multiple R versions with compartmentalized projects and libraries on your computer? Teaching people how to use R and need the entire class to all be on the same, easy-to-install system complete with […]

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Portable, Reproducible R Content — YakData SmartDesktop with RStudio Desktop

Shiny app graph brushing in RStudio Desktop

There are many benefits to using RStudio Desktop from the YakData SmartDesktop repository. Speed, portability, a complete reproducible R environment, built on the Rocker project and all under your control with Docker! 🕶️ Watch it now 🔥 Resources Ready to try it? Get it on GitHub at The Best […]

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Best Way to Download & Install RStudio Desktop Mac/Windows in 2022

ggplot2 graph in RStudio Desktop

YakData SmartDesktop with RStudio Desktop Server is the best way to download & install RStudio Desktop for use on Mac or Windows computers in 2022. It includes R 4.1.2 from the Rocker project, the RStudio IDE as a web app, hundreds of top data science packages included and it is […]

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